Tecniche Di Danza Moderna (TDM) was launched in September of 2016, under the Direction of Caterina Rago, in Rome Italy. Tecniche di Danza Moderna is a program that aims to promote Modern Dance. Students will be introduced to the culture of Modern Dance through the deepening of Graham, Horton and Limón techniques. The program offers students the opportunity to work with internationally renowned American teachers who have contributed greatly to the history of modern dance and its continuous development. For the first time, dance students in Italy will have the opportunity to experience these exceptional faculty member first hand for an entire academic year. 

Tecniche Di Danza Moderna aims to offer dancers a chance to gain experience and knowledge about a form of dance training no longer offered in the dance culture of the twenty-first century. By establishing emotional connections, TDM wants to deepen individual strengths,  and bring confidence and passion to the surface, to make it easier for students to understand their various artistic paths. Tecniche Di Danza Moderna aspires to inspire of movement of culture, and sharing movement and emotion together through the spirit of dance.

Tecniche Di Danza Moderna Academic Year takes place one weekend every month from Friday to Sunday. The academic year begins in October and ends in May. In July, there is a Summer Intensive with several activities; technique and repertory classes, creative processes, rehearsals, panel discussion (Q & A), networking, performing activities and we culminate by granting scholarships for some of New York’s most prestigious dance centers: Martha Graham Dance Center, Limon Dance Institure, Peridance Capezio Dance Center, Broadway Dance Center and Steps on Broadway.

Tecniche Di Danza Moderna is becoming an international movement. We are proud to announce that for the Academic Year 2017/2018 Tecniche Di Danza Moderna will also be launched in Madrid, Malaga and Paris!

Please visit our website for more information: www.tecnichedidanzamoderna.com